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Medical Malpractice

Indianapolis Lawyers Fighting Medical Malpractice

When something has gone wrong, the doctor won't give you any answers, or something just doesn't feel right, talk to us. We are a people-centered law firm dedicated to giving our clients the service they deserve. At the Indianapolis law office of Brooks Koch & Sorg, we are people-centered. We sit down with our clients, listen to their concerns, investigate the issues, and find answers.

At Brooks Koch & Sorg, we are experienced in medical malpractice cases. Attorney Mike Koch has been handling these personal injury cases since 1990, helping clients obtain settlements and jury verdicts. We know how to win in the courtroom and how to succeed in negotiations.

We are very familiar with the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act, a set of special Indiana laws that requires, as a prerequisite to filing suit in an Indiana court, the presentation of your medical malpractice claim to a medical review panel of three physicians. This "peer review" system often creates an uphill battle for claimants. We have that skill and experience to achieve success with your medical malpractice cases.

Cases we handle include a broad range of medical malpractice issues. We continue to use our knowledge to meet the unique needs of our clients, so we encourage you to call us at (317) 608-6112 with your specific concerns.

  • Birth injury: We take cases including birth-related brain injury from oxygen deprivation, due to delayed delivery or a failure to monitor, or other birth-related or in utero injuries, including spinal cord or developmental injuries.
  • IV infiltration: When the IV fluid intended for the vein goes into the surrounding tissues instead, chemical burns, antibiotic reactions, permanent scarring, damage, pain, circulatory impairment, and diminished sense of touch can occur. We can help.
  • Failure to diagnose: We advocate for people who have been wrongly diagnosed or have been the victims of a failed or delayed diagnosis that causes additional injury, whether due to infection or propagation of disease.
  • Surgical errors: We handle surgical error claims, whether a surgery was unnecessary to begin with or simply preformed negligently.
  • Nursing home injuries: When a loved one has been injured, neglected, or abused in an extended care facility, we can help.

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Because Indiana medical malpractice law and the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act can be so complex, an experienced attorney is the best one to bring your claim. Contact the experienced lawyers at Brooks Koch & Sorg by calling (317) 608-6112.

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